Part-Time Work for International Students in Canada

7 Part-Time Work for International Students in Canada

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You are an International student in Canada, burdened with high tuition fees. The best thing to do to ease the burden is to engage in part-time work for international students in Canada, which sometimes helps pay for your studies and living expenses. Furthermore, it helps you as a student to acquire priceless Canadian job experience that will advance your future employment.

Canada’s study visa holders can work for hours per week. However, those taking complex or demanding classes may choose to work fewer hours, up to 12 hours a week, to avoid interfering with their studies.
Students who work part-time receive hourly pay. $10 is the average hourly pay. The student must apply for an off-campus work permit to occasionally work outside the institution after six months of study.

This article is a guide about all the options for part-time work in Canada for international students that you may come across when seeking a job as a student.

Part-Time Work for International Students in Canada


7 Part-Time Work for International Students in


Some of the part-time work in Canada for International Students are listed below:

1. A teaching assistant

Many professors and instructors in Canada use teaching assistants to help them with various tasks, such as tutoring students, developing lesson plans, keeping records, and updating student grades. Students with one year of college or university experience and organizational skills may find it easier to find jobs and work as teacher’s assistants.
Pay rate of $15.65 per hour

2. Driver for Lyft or Uber

One of the most sought-after careers for college students nowadays is driving for Uber or Lyft. For those unfamiliar, Uber is a ridesharing company that connects drivers and riders using a smartphone app.
You must be up to 21 years old, have a reliable vehicle, and possess a smartphone to drive for Uber. If you possess everything listed above, you’ve secured a flexible career that you enjoy doing. It’s essential to keep in mind that weekday mornings, nights, and weekends tend to be the busiest times. If you reside in a city with a sizable student population, you’ll probably make more money working weekends as a driver than you would as a waitress or bartender. Of course, how often you drive affects your pay as well.

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Pay range: $14.00 – $25.58 per hour

3. Nanny

Do you have experience taking care of children and love spending time with them? Then you can work as a nanny part-time. When it comes to picking up their kids from school, making dinner, putting them to bed, or even just keeping them entertained, many parents ask for help.
Hours are usually flexible, and occasionally you can finish your assignments while the kids are napping. You have an even better chance of getting the job if you have CPR training. The hourly rate could be greater depending on your duties.

Pay: $14.67

4. Tutor

Do you have a particular area of interest? Do you like instructing others? Tutoring might be a suitable fit if you said yes to both inquiries. You can work with pupils at any level, from elementary school to college or university. You can do this on your own or participate in a tutoring program at school. You will practice the abilities you already possess in addition to learning new ones. Might even pick up something new
The hourly wage varies from $15 to $20.
The subject’s nature ultimately determines the remuneration. Some tutors can make up to $50 per hour, particularly if the subject is challenging. If you’re interested in tutoring, it’s wise to research what you should charge.

 Pay $50 per hour

5. Dog walker

Does getting paid to hang out and walk dogs get any better? Given that some dog walkers work on-call, this occupation may demand more flexibility than others. There is little of a time commitment overall, though. Regardless of the weather, you might have to walk a dog or more to anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes. However, you can charge extra based on your obligations and the number of dogs you walk. To improve your revenue, consider providing pet-sitting services while the owner is away.

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Average CAD$15 per hour

6. A Barista.

Students frequently adore working in coffee shops! The surroundings are pleasant, and who can resist caffeine? Due to their flexible hours, coffee businesses love to hire students. Despite being one of the jobs on the list with the lowest compensation, this one nevertheless includes bonuses. Students who choose to work for a corporation like Starbucks enjoy remarkable benefits that can make working there worthwhile.

 Average CA$14 per hour

7. Sales support or assistance

If you enjoy interacting with people, working in sales may give you the salary and flexibility you desire. Additionally, being a salesperson gives you a range of transferable abilities. But how much you are paid depends solely on where you work. Some companies’ commission-based sales are available, giving you more control over your revenue. To put it simply, you make more money if you sell more.

Pay $14 on average per hour.


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Part-time workers’ pay may fluctuate according to the work they are given. Students are frequently paid CAD 10 per hour for part-time work, even though the hourly rate for part-time jobs could range from CAD 22 to CAD 10. The remuneration for part-time labor might also differ from city to city.


         1. Why not consider freelancing?

The following are the top three freelancing opportunities in Canada for international students:

  • Translator

If you can communicate in at least two languages, this one might be easy money.

  • Content writer

writing words online (such as the ones you’re reading now!). But you’ll need to have faith in your literary abilities.

  • Web designer or developer

This specialized one is great for students studying computer science or graphic design. But the pay is often excellent!

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