Partnership manager job description

Partnership manager job description

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Partnership manager job description

Rather than competing on their own, two or more businesses frequently decide to work together to increase their market share, address one another’s specific limitations, or have access to goods and services at lower prices. To discuss the parameters of a partnership, each corporation typically assigns or hires a representative or group of representatives; this individual may be a partnership manager. Communication between companies is one of a partnership manager’s primary responsibilities. The partnership manager’s job descriptions include supervising, communicating, and ensuring that each organization knows the other’s needs, objectives, and expectations.

You will learn what a partnership manager performs, how to apply for this position, and what it takes to succeed.

Partnership manager job description

A partnership Job description is shown below:

For the benefit of their company, partnership managers are in charge of managing these connections. This could entail finding possible partners, negotiating the partnership’s terms, keeping an eye on performance, and ensuring that both parties abide by the contract’s provisions. 

Duties of a partnership manager

A partnerships manager typically has a wide range of duties, some of which may include: Finding potential partners based on business needs, goals, and existing partnerships, Working with external partners to develop new business opportunities in existing markets, or developing new markets for products or services.

Managing current partnerships by coming up with fresh ideas for collaboration, keeping track of performance, and resolving issues

They are establishing new business relationships with potential partners to forge mutually beneficial agreements; developing and managing long-term relationships with partners to increase sales opportunities and customer loyalty; developing marketing strategies and tactics to promote the partnership to customers and other stakeholders; using data analysis and market research to identify opportunities for new partnerships, and managing the legal aspects of partner relationships.

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Job Requirements for a Partnerships Manager

The following skills are often necessary for becoming a partnership manager:

Education: A bachelor’s degree is sometimes the minimum needed. Certain partnership managers may also hold a master’s degree in business administration or a closely related discipline.

Education & Experience: Partnership managers frequently obtain on-the-job training from a stint working under another partnership manager. The new employee can learn the company’s processes and procedures throughout this training session. Additionally, it enables the new hire to get to know the clientele and partners of the business.

Although qualifications and licenses are not necessary for the position of strategic partnerships manager, they can be helpful for applicants looking to boost their earning potential.

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Partnership manager pay and prospects

The pay for partnership managers varies according to their level of education, years of experience, company size, and industry. Additionally, they might be paid in the form of commissions or bonuses.

$82,500 on average per year ($39.66/hour)

Salary for the top 10%: $225,000 ($108.17/hour)

Over the following ten years, a faster-than-average increase in the number of partnership managers is anticipated.

Companies will need to collaborate with other businesses in other nations as they expand globally. Partnership managers must draft these agreements and ensure that both sides benefit financially.

Skills as a Partnerships Manager

To succeed, partnership managers require the following abilities:

1. Communication is crucial for a partnership manager since it enables you to share information with people and comprehend their messages. Strong communication abilities can help you work with people, communicate knowledge and concepts, and respond to inquiries from coworkers and clients. Using your communication abilities, you can create and sustain relationships with clients and other managers of strategic partnerships.

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2. Negotiation: Two parties agree to negotiation. Because firms may have varying needs and expectations, partnerships can involve discussion. A manager with practical negotiating abilities can assist their business in creating profitable alliances.

3. Making decisions: Partnership managers choose which partnerships to seek and how to do so. They may choose which businesses to contact, what details to put in their correspondence, and how to get in touch with possible partners. Additionally, they may choose which partnerships to pursue and how to do so. For instance, they might choose which businesses to contact, what details to include in their correspondence, and how to get in touch with possible partners.

4. Conflict resolution: The capacity to locate and comprehend the root of a problem, develop solutions, and promote cooperation. Managers of strategic partnerships can assist their company’s and partner’s representatives in finding common ground by using their dispute resolution abilities. This can aid the two businesses’ ability to collaborate and keep a good working relationship.

5. Teamwork: Managing strategic alliances are no different, and managers must be able to collaborate with others. This position frequently entails working with other managers, salespeople, and other company personnel to create and implement advantageous agreements with the firm and its strategic partners.

Work Environment for a Partnerships Manager

A strategic relationships manager often works in an office setting, though discussions with new or present partners may necessitate travel. To fulfill deadlines, the manager might have to put in long hours and be available at odd times to work around partners’ schedules in other time zones. Since the manager is in charge of establishing and preserving connections with crucial partners, the job can take time and effort. As partnerships can be complex to forecast and might change quickly, the manager needs to be able to take rejection and be at ease with a high level of ambiguity.

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Want to be a Partnership Manager?

A career as a strategic partnerships manager can be a fantastic way to put your commercial savvy to work for the common good. As a manager of strategic partnerships, you’ll collaborate with nonprofits and other organizations to create alliances that advance the objectives of both sides.

It would be best if you succeeded as a partnership manager. 

Additionally, you should be able to use your imagination to come up with creative solutions to issues that affect everyone.

Advancement Opportunities

As a Strategic Partnerships Manager, constantly looking for new opportunities is the most unusual approach to improving your career. Please try to establish yourself as the go-to person for new business, whether a new client or a new project. This will demonstrate to your manager that you are proactive and constantly looking for methods to increase the business’s bottom line. Additionally, make an effort to develop enduring bonds with your coworkers. When you need help or guidance later, these connections will be helpful.


The growth strategy of any organization should include partnerships. They give businesses a chance to take advantage of the expertise and resources of other businesses, which can help them access new markets or introduce brand-new goods and services. 


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