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Pastor Giwa said that hungry Nigerians don’t use social media

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Awaiting the Second Coming of Christ Ministries senior pastor Adewale Giwa has stated that hungry Nigerians cannot be located on any social media platforms.

On Sunday, while addressing his members in Akure, Giwa claimed that people who go to bed hungry are concentrated in rural regions and farms.

If you can pay N5,000 per week to buy data, you can forget about being one among the many hungry Nigerians, he remarked.

Monthly expenses of N20,000 are reached by multiplying N5,000 by 4. Do you know that it only takes five months to accumulate N100,000, enough to launch a modest business?

Visit farms, marketplaces, and other rural establishments to gain perspective on the plight of the poor. Not many low-income Nigerians use social media.

You claim to be in pain, but you log on to the internet every day and share graphic visuals with the world. You are not being honest with yourself, my brother.

Our young people today have skewed priorities because they can’t seem to get their heads on straight. Instead of doing anything useful with their time and money, they’d rather spend it all on the internet.

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