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Paul Scholes has a go at Manchester United, and he says they’re “cup of tea.”

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Paul Scholes, a Manchester United star, lashed out at his former team after their 4-3 loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League on a Wednesday night in Germany.

Man United are Scholes’s cup of tea, and the Allianz Arena loss to Bayern Munich was due to a lack of focus on Erik ten Hag’s team’s part, according to Scholes.

The former England midfielder claims that United’s performance against Thomas Tuchel’s team was a sign of fragility and vulnerability.

Remember that even a hat trick from Casemiro and a goal from Rasmus Hojlund weren’t enough for Man United to salvage a draw against the Bundesliga winners.

Scholes remarked on TNT Sports, “They [Man United] have had stretches in every game they have lost this season when they have done decently, but it is not good enough. Once they give up a goal, you have to say, “Come on, in the next five minutes let’s stay in the game,” but then they give up another one.

I predict that this year’s season will be quite similar to previous year’s. They play in the cup. They are not quite at this level yet, but it is not out of the question that they may win the FA Cup or the Carabao Cup. We saw tonight that they are clearly not at this level, and I believe the summer has slowed them down.

Looking at the game as a whole, he said, “I think Manchester United did well, but they still allowed two goals early on and lacked that concentration. Those three goals were a bit of a sham for United. In the second half, they were clearly outmatched in my opinion. This group’s collective experience is strong, but it’s currently being underutilized.

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