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Peace and unity, CDS Musa tells CAN, are what Nigeria needs

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General Christopher Gwabin Musa, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of Nigeria, has called on Christian pastors to always preach peace to their congregations.

On Tuesday, while paying a visit of respect to the executive committee of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Abuja, he issued this call.

He claimed that the purpose of the trip was to strengthen ties between the country’s military and religious leaders for the sake of national harmony, development, and prosperity.

Musa also urged the CAN’s leadership to pray for the military’s success in protecting the country’s borders at all times, but especially now as the country is plagued by bandits, insurgents, and other criminal elements who threaten the country’s safety and economy.

While appreciating the CDS’s visit, CAN President Arch Bishop Daniel Okor reaffirmed the organization’s dedication to continuing to back the Nigerian military in any way possible as it works to protect Nigeria’s borders.

The Bishop gave his word that the committee would never stop suggesting ways to better communicate with the military and promote harmony and national unity among Nigeria’s diverse religious communities.

To further promote mutual comprehension, peace, togetherness, and security in Nigeria, the CDS last week conducted a similar visit to the Abuja Central Mosque, as reported by BANKPAWA

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