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Primate Ayodele rules that Atiku is engaging in “last-place politics” and that Peter Obi cannot become president

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On Friday, the Primate of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Elijah Ayodele, declared that only God can help Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP).

He elaborated on why Atiku was in politics for the last time and why Obi will never be president of Nigeria.

The well-known prophet made his remarks in response to the presidential election petition tribunal decision that confirmed Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner.

In a statement released by his media adviser Osho Oluwatosin, he said that he had warned Atiku and Obi about the dangers of the ‘Emilokan’ syndrome based on visions he had received from the spiritual realm, but that they had disregarded his warnings as humorous.

If Obi and Atiku need political support, only God can provide it. Even in the next dispensation, the presidency of Nigeria would not go to the Igbo people, and Atiku is playing his last political game.

They took my warnings about Emilokan lightly when I told Obi and Atiku about it, not realizing that it is a highly sophisticated form of psychic enchantment. It’s because they don’t take God’s word seriously that they fell, he added.

Further explaining that no human judge can help them, Primate Ayodele said that only heavenly intervention will do.

He claimed they had wasted valuable time in court needlessly pursuing mandate recovery when they could have listened to him instead.

No court can help them since the truth is bitter and they refused to hear it in favor of believing the lies they told themselves that bolstered their own sense of self-importance.

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I warned them and provided them advice on how to take down the ruling party, but they ignored me. I tried to warn them multiple times about the tricks that APC was using, but they always ignored me.

It would have been easy to win the election if they had listened, but now it’s nearly hard to regain any mandate he lost.

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