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Problems in the PSC and the Police Force – Arase

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Police Service Commission Chairman Solomon Arase has stated that the commission and the Nigeria Police Force are undergoing a difficult time in their history.

He claims that the police around the world need to take a more scientific approach to fighting crime because criminality has become more sophisticated.

On Sunday, Head of Press and Public Relations Ikechukwu Ani said that the scope and difficulty of monitoring duties have increased dramatically.

He added that in order for the commission to do its goal, it needs access to resources and expert instruction.

The statement said that Arase made the revelation while meeting with a delegation from Nigeria’s Chartered Institute of Forensics and Certified Fraud Investigators, led by the Institute’s Pioneer President and Chairman of the Governing Council, Dr. Iliaysu Buba Gashinbaki.

The commission’s headquarters in Jabi, Abuja, was the site of the conference.

“The PSC Chairman mentioned cyberbullying, criminal financial/banking attacks, and other complex crimes threatening various sectors of the nation’s fledgling democracy,” the statement read.

He said that the Police and the Commission need to take swift action to deal with these new threats. He continued by saying that the government entities in question should have the resources and manpower they need to fulfill their constitutional responsibilities.

He insisted that local police presence be increased, especially in Divisional centers that have been abandoned and become havens for criminal organizations.

He said the country needs to keep hiring police officers to populate the neighborhoods and reclaim the lawless areas so that people and property may once again feel safe everywhere.

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To address the growing threat of new types of financial and other crimes in the country, Arase has announced that the Commission would work with the Institute.

He also said he supports contracting out for in-house expertise gaps. He assured them that Institute personnel would be brought in as resources at police academies so that students could learn about cybercrime and other advanced methods of crime prevention.

Gashinbaki had earlier expressed his admiration for the PSC Chairman, noting that the Commission’s success is a direct result of the Chairman’s stellar track record in the Nigeria Police Force, where he eventually became Inspector General.

When asked about the Commission’s mandate obligations, he said, “The Institute will be ready to work with the Commission in its responsibilities for Police Recruitment, Promotion, and Discipline, and most importantly, in investigation.”

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