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Reportedly, ISWAP has challenged Boko Haram to a shootout in the Sambisa forest

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Lake Chad security analyst and counter-insurgency expert Zagazola Makama claims to have obtained an exclusive letter from the ISWAP organization challenging the Boko Haram branch of Abubakar Shekau to a fight.

According to Zagazola, ISWAP said that in the name of God, the Boko Haram group was deceiving the people, propagating deception, hiding the truth, being corrupt, and raping women.

On Friday, he made the comments in a social media post, saying that the Boko Haram faction had accepted the challenge.

He claims that the fighting occurred in Gaizuwa and that many people on both sides were slain.

It should be recalled that on Wednesday, the security expert made a different statement saying that Boko Haram fighters had seized 60 terrorists of the Islamic State in West Africa Province, ISWAP, including three important commanders of the sect.

According to Zagozola, ISWAP terrorists were apprehended while en route to Damasak in Borno State, and the group’s commanders were identified as Abubakar Sadiq, Abou Maimuna, and Malam Idris.

Zagazola, however, stated that “both groups are warming up for the next battle although the time and venue remain unannounced.”

ISWAP invited Boko Haram to a shootout in the Sambisa forest, he wrote in an exclusive report.

“The ISWAP group has sent an exclusive letter to Abubakar SHEKAU’s Boko Haram faction, challenging them to a FIGHT,” the article reads.

“In a letter to Boko Haram, the ISWAP wrote, ‘We warned you about what you are doing; from killing, destroying people’s property, and abusing the courses of our Jihad.

They said that in the name of God, the Boko Haram gang had been raping women and propagating falsehoods among the populace.

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We will pursue you since you have led our people astray, so be careful. And on this date, the assault will begin:

“The month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, 57 AH (or August 94 AD) in the Gregorian calendar.

The Boko Haram group has officially accepted the Challenge. Many people on both sides were killed during the battle in Gaizuwa.

Each side is preparing for warfare. Location and time to be determined.

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