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Reps summon the NFF President once more for failing to pay the Super Falcons’ allowances

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Ibrahim Gusau, the president of the federation, has once more been called in by the ad hoc committee looking into the altercation between the Super Falcons and representatives of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF).

Blessing Gusau was invited again after he failed to show up on Tuesday, according to Onu, the head of the special committee looking into the confrontation.

Re-inviting the NFF President, Onu stated that the committee’s meeting was not intended to conduct a witch hunt, but rather to carry out its duties in accordance with the House’s mandate.

The notice’s author, Onuh, scowled at the NFF President’s purposeful rejection of the ad hoc committee’s invitation.

She said that on August 17, the NFF President was scheduled to appear before the special committee. She emphasized that the committee’s job was more crucial than the justifications the NFF President provided for his absence.

“Interested Nigerians exist. Nigerians are taking notice. We shouldn’t take this investigation hearing lightly since the girls performed admirably and made Nigerians proud.

“We provided the NFF President with a chance to speak before this special committee. The Super Falcons, a team of female football players, were not given the allowances and dues they were entitled to. He must choose between attending the FIFA Women’s Convention and testifying before this committee.

He has the audacity to inform us that he won’t be able to attend by sending his SA. Simply put, it means that he is taking advantage of us and we will not put up with it, she stated.

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Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, the NFF Secretary-General, had earlier stated that the NFF President’s poor health prevented him from attending the inquiry session.

However, the ad hoc committee declined to let the Secretary-General and his group speak on behalf of the NFF President.

While this was going on, several worried committee members who did not want their identities revealed accused the NFF President of purposely making the exercise difficult.

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