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Scotland’s new Rangers boss says they’ll give Dessers a fighting chance

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Philippe Clement, the new manager of the Rangers, has promised Cyriel Dessers an opportunity to prove himself.

This summer, Dessers moved from Italian team Cremonese to the Light Blues.

But the 28-year-old has had trouble making an impression.

In the Scottish Premiership, the Nigerian has scored one for Rangers.

Under former manager Michael Beale, the striker fell out of favor with the team’s starting lineup.

But Clement has said that everyone will be at the same starting point now.

Cyriel has been more successful in the Netherlands than in Belgium, in my experience. According to Daily Record, Clement said, “He was better in Feyenoord than here.”

All the players are at the same level, so just because he’s Belgian doesn’t mean he’ll get more attention.

Everyone has the same beginnings, whether they are Belgian, Scottish, British, 32, or 18. We’ll then be able to judge who among us is in the best physical condition. We require a large, prepared team.

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