Seize Weapons and Ammunition Four Arrested Two Linked to the Otukpo Bank Robbery Neutralized by Police .uk

Seize Weapons and Ammunition; Four Arrested; Two Linked to the Otukpo Bank Robbery Neutralized by Police

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Otukpo, Benue State, was the site of a deadly bank heist on October 23, and the police have since announced the arrest of four suspects and the neutralization of two others.

During a meeting in Abuja with Strategic Police Managers, Inspector-General Olukayode Egbetokun revealed this, bringing attention to the terrible loss of lives that occurred during the incident, which included Otukpo Divisional Police Officers and other civilians.

Tremendous sums of money were pilfered from three separate commercial banks during the heist.

In praising the police for their dogged pursuit of the criminals’ hideout, Egbetokun said that the force had used a combination of human intellect and technological tools.

Two suspects were neutralized, and four others are now in police custody as a result of this operation.

The current investigation is assisting in the search for other fugitive gang members by capturing these individuals.

The police also found 4,013 rounds of live ammunition and nine AK-47 rifles on the accused, which added to the evidence they had.

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