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Sen. Abbo says sorry because “Akpabio swore on his mother’s grave that he is not behind my sack.”

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Elisha Abbo, the former senator for Adamawa North who was removed from office due to an appeal court order that invalidated his election, has recanted his claim that Senate President Godswill Akpabio was responsible for the decision.

Abbo revealed that Akpabio denied involvement in his ouster by the Appeal Court on his mother’s grave.

On Wednesday, when publicly apologizing to the Senate President, he made this statement on Arise Television.

Abbo’s election was declared invalid by the Abuja branch of the Court of Appeal on Monday.

Amos Yohanna, a candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was deemed the victor of the senate election held on February 25 by the court.

Disappointed by the verdict, Abbo blamed his dismissal on Senate President Akpabio, accusing him of going after his opponents.

But Akpabio disassociated himself from the verdict that ousted Abbo on appeal.

Abbo claims, “I have to say with all sense of humility and responsibility that the press release we issued yesterday was premature and based on the information at our disposal yesterday.”

Since yesterday evening, I have spoken with the Senate President and am certain that he is not engaged, and as of today, we have learned several things.

Abbo paraphrased Akpabio as saying, “I swear by my mother’s grave that I’m not involved; I don’t even know that you’re in court.”

He continued, “I don’t see any reason why a number three citizen would lie when he comes up to me and tells me that he has sworn on the grave of the woman he loves so much, the woman who brought him up after the death of his father when he was six years old.”

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