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Signing an Executive Order, Governor of Zamfara reorganizes government agencies

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The Governor of Zamfara State, Dauda Lawal, has issued an Executive Order to reform the state government.

The state capital of Gusau is where Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Affairs, Lawal Hussein, released a statement to the press explaining that the Executive Order is a tool to streamline ministries and refocus their tasks to match with the goals of the administration.

The governor also reorganized the state’s MDAs (Ministries, Departments, and Agencies) extensively.

The process of reorganization included the formation, dissolution, merger, and rebranding of many MDAs.

In addition, the Permanent Secretary noted that the terminology for officers who reach the directorate grade levels (GL 15 and GL 16) in the Administrative Cadre has been updated.

The position of Director of Administration and Personnel (DAP) has been created.

“Similarly, the term “Director of Finance” has been changed to “Director of Finance and Accounts, DFA” for individuals who reach equivalent positions in the Finance Officers Cadre.

Government House Administration, the Projects Implementation Unit, Humanitarian and Relief Matters, the Zamfara Social Intervention Programme (Z-SIP), and the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) all report to the Governor’s Office.

In addition, there is the Board of Internal Revenue Zamfara Geographic Information System (ZAGIS), the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA), the Inter-Community Relations Unit (ICCRU), the Debt Management Office (DMO), Infrastructure and Urban Renewal (IUR), the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the National Social Investment Protocol.

The message also detailed the reorganization of the Deputy Governor’s and SSG’s departments.

There are now separate departments for handling cabinet business and public and international relations procurement in the SSG’s former Office of the Council Secretariat.

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Hisbah Commission, Hajj Commission, Zamfara Agency for the Control of AIDS (ZAMSACA), Central Delivery Coordinating Unit, Substance Abuse and Human Trafficking Agency, Home-Grown School Feeding Programme, Quota System, and Recruitment are just some of the agencies and parastatals whose programs will now be closely monitored, according to the statement released by the Office of the SSG.

Further, “The Chief of Staff is responsible for the general administration of the Government House,” the statement said. He works closely with the PPS to organize the Governor’s calendar and provide him advice on things such as meeting with specific individuals or organizations. Additionally, he is the top political appointee in the Executive Mansion.

The Governor’s Chief of Staff oversees the State Deputy Chief of Staff, the Deputy Governor’s Office, and the Liaison Offices, for a total of four departments.

According to BANKPAWA, Governor Dauda Lawal recently consolidated the state’s 28 ministries into 15.

The number of Permanent Secretaries he appointed was cut from 48 to 28.

He pointed out that the high expense of government in the state was due in part to the abundance of ministries and permanent secretaries.

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