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Soludo criticizes the use of violence by government personnel enforcing revenue collection

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Chukwuma Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, has denounced the actions of some tax officers who used violence on motorists in the state.

A video circulating on social media shows revenue officials taking possession of a motorist’s vehicle and speeding away with it after manhandling him under the guise that he owed the state N37,000 in revenue.

Soludo blasted the revenue officials’ audacious action, saying through his press secretary, Christian Aburime, who signed a statement to that effect.

“The attention of the Anambra State Government has been drawn to a viral video of public misconduct by two personnel of the Unified Hybrid Enforcement Team (UHBET) acting on behalf of the Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AiRS),” according to the statement.

“In the aforementioned video, UHBET personnel can be seen dragging a citizen, identified as a commercial transport operator, out of his vehicle and driving away in the same vehicle.” For whatever reason, Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo did not and would never authorize such crude methods of engaging the public.

“In fact, it must be explicitly stated that such behavior contradicts the Soludo government’s responsible, caring, and humane philosophy.” As a result, the Anambra State Government today distances itself from the heinous actions of the overzealous revenue agents and extends heartfelt apologies to the abused individual and the larger community of Ndi Anambra.”

He stated that Governor Soludo personally conveyed his dismay at the incident and has directed that swift action be taken to resolve the situation.

“The chairman of AiRS, Dr Greg Ezeilo, ordered a prompt, thorough investigation, which has now led to the arrest of the offending officers in the viral video, and they are being held in police custody to account for their actions,” he explained.

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