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Strategic ties between the Nigerian and Czech Air Forces will be strengthened

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Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, the CAS, believes that a long-term and all-encompassing solution to the problems with pilot training can be found through the development of strategic alliances with other Air Forces.

According to NAN, Abubakar made this announcement during a meeting with Maj.-Gen. Petr Cepelka, Commander of the Czech Air Force, during the Future Air Force 2023 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

According to him, collaboration between the Czech Air Force and the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) would increase in the areas of technology transfer, capacity building, and R&D.

According to him, this collaboration will help the NAF’s maintenance staff become more skilled and capable of performing some important repair tasks in-country, which will decrease aircraft downtime and boost air operations.

Abubakar hoped to work with the Czech Air Force on anti-terror, anti-insurgency, and pilot training initiatives.

He stated that the NAF had continued to keep an active engagement with the Czech air force ever since the initial acquisition of the L-39 aircraft in 1986.

He claims that the fighting capabilities of the NAF have been improved thanks to past collaboration with the Czech Air Force in the form of pilot trainings on the L-39Z aircraft simulator, altitude chamber, and spatial disorientation training for various NAF pilots across several platforms.

Abubakar presented a presentation titled “Pilot Training in the Nigerian Air Force – An Assessment” at the conference.

He said that in today’s uncertain security climate, when attacks can come from both state and non-state actors, it is more important than ever to build and use air power capabilities.

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The CAS also met with representatives from Aero Vodochody, the NAF L-39Z aircraft’s original equipment manufacturers, to discuss, among other things, the refurbishment and avionics upgrade of three NAF L-39Z aircraft.

The Czech Chief of Air Staff then praised Air Marshal Abubakar for keeping the two air forces’ longstanding friendship alive and well.

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