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Striker Daniel Sturridge, formerly of Chelsea and Liverpool, has an arrest warrant out for his arrest

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Daniel Sturridge, a former Chelsea and Liverpool striker, is wanted by the police.

Sturridge, who left professional football this summer, is at a crossroads in the United States due to legal issues.

After Sturridge’s Pomeranian, Lucci, was stolen from his Los Angeles home in July 2019, the actor found himself in court.

The 34-year-old man made a last-ditch effort to get Lucci back with a reward.

Foster Washington, a rapper better known by his stage name Killa Fame, allegedly had a role in reuniting Sturridge and his dog, as reported by the Mirror.

The rapper filed a civil complaint against the former footballer after he claimed he was never paid the promised compensation by Sturridge.

A Los Angeles judge sided with Washington in December 2021, awarding him $30,000 in damages and fining Sturridge $30,000.

Sturridge was ordered to appear in court for a “debtor’s exam” in September 2022, a formal action to investigate the Englishman’s financial situation.

But Sturridge didn’t show up, and things became worse because of it.

The story continued by saying that an arrest warrant had been issued and a fresh hearing was scheduled for November 30.

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