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Suicide via Electrocution: Ogun State’s Cable Thief

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The body of a guy in Ogun State was discovered near a 33KV feeder in the town of Ashipa, close to the Abeokuta/Sagamu expressway. The individual was allegedly accused of stealing wires and was believed to have been electrocuted.

While probing the disappearance of a wire, officers from the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) came across the man’s lifeless body. Nearby, we discovered the tools he had brought.

The following information was disclosed:

The vandal’s lifeless body was found on the ground at the precise location where the blue conductor wire was severed as the investigation neared its conclusion.

After two failed attempts to cut the blue-phase HT conductor, the victim was believed to have been electrocuted.

“The police discovered the vandal’s shoes, pliers, cutlass, and other tools during their investigation. ”

The authorities have been informed, and the deceased has been transferred to the mortuary pending additional examination.

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