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Sylva accuses Diri of hiring spies to track his whereabouts during the governor’s race in Bayelsa

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Timipre Sylva, candidate for governor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State, has claimed that state governor Senator Douye Diri has hired spies to track his whereabouts.

Sylva, through his Special Adviser, Media and Publicity, Julius Bokoru, issued a statement to BANKPAWA on Sunday, in which he claimed that credible intelligence indicated that spies operating across the state, and particularly at the Bayelsa International Cargo Airport, had been asked to document and report his movements in the state to some off-grid security architecture in Bayelsa.

According to the ex-governor, the governor’s close security assistant was orchestrating the spy efforts to infiltrate the governor’s convoy.

As a result of Diri’s campaign of violence against him and the people of Bayelsa, he demanded that law enforcement and the general public pay attention to the situation in Opu-Nembe.

He claims that Diri has become desperate and violent as a result of his failure in office, rather than adopting the tactic of commissions and inauguration of projects to convince the voters, as other serving governors seeking reelection have done.

From the statement: “Reliable information available to H.E. Chief Timipre Sylva, Governorship Candidate of the APC in Bayelsa State, suggests that Gov. Douye Diri has commissioned spies across the state, particularly at the Bayelsa International Cargo Airport, to document and report Chief Sylva’s movements in Bayelsa and environs to some off-grid security architecture in the State.”

As is well known, the goal of this desperate, unlawful security operation is to compromise the convoy and protection of Chief Sylva, and its leader is a close security adviser to Governor Diri.

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Gov. Diri has been planning a campaign of violence against Sylva and the Bayelsa people, with a particular emphasis on Opu-Nembe, and the public and national security services should be aware of this.

A sitting governor would not be wise to invest in an orgy of violence but rather to tout his or her record of accomplishments. It is more appropriate for Diri to commission projects than spies.

The majority of Bayelasians support Sylva’s drive to Creek Haven because they see it as a liberating move. As the saying goes, “the soul of Bayelsa state will be rescued from the jaws of characters whose futile way of masking their inefficiency is violence,” and that change is coming soon and is inevitable.

However, Daniel Alabrah, the governor’s chief press secretary, responded to the claim by saying that Diri is actually a well-known pacifist and a champion of politics without animosity.

“He (Diri) has said he won’t spill blood to get re-elected into office,” read part of the statement.

For the first time in Bayelsa State’s electoral history, the general election in the country in February/March was calm, with no documented incidences of carnage or fatalities.

The governor’s calm demeanor, which has spread throughout state politics, is largely to blame for this. Therefore, Chief Sylva is making a fuss over nothing.

Based on his background, we think he’s the one plotting the things he accuses the governor of.

But it is best to disregard the ravings of a sinking man who is grasping at straws and trying to justify his disastrous term as governor. His whole party, the Nembe/Brass people, and the electorate of Bayelsa have turned against him.

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