Ten commuter buses will receive N420 million in Adamawa bankpawa.co .uk

Ten commuter buses will receive N420 million in Adamawa

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A total of 10 72-seater bluebird school shuttle buses will be purchased with approximately N420 million to alleviate student hardship, according to the Adamawa State Executive Council (SEC).

Throughout the state, and especially in Yola, the capital, where the majority of schools are located, the buses will be put into service on school routes.

Mrs. Neido Geoffrey Kafulto, the state commissioner of information and strategy, informed reporters shortly after Wednesday’s council meeting in Yola that the decision to purchase the buses on short notice was made to protect pupils from the financial impact of the subsidy cut.

Vokna Investment and Real Estate Abuja, she said, would be the ones to buy the buses, and you can expect them to arrive in seven business days.

The positive feedback from the initial batch of ten luxury buses, according to her, was the main driving force behind the decision in the three metropolitan LGAs of Yola North, Yola South, and Girei.

According to DAILY POST, following the federal government’s withdrawal of gasoline subsidies earlier this year, Adamawa State purchased ten luxury buses in August as part of its mass transit program.

While Keke NAPEP charges between N200 and N300 per route, these first buses have been running long routes within the metropolitan LGAs for a fixed rate of N100.

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