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The bad performance of Governor Sule cost him the governorship, says Sen. Gyunka

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Chieftain of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nasarawa State, Senator Philip Aruwa Gyunka, blames Governor Abdullahi Sule’s poor performance in his first term for his loss in the March 18 polls and the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal (GEPT).

Speaking on AIT’s ‘Democracy Today’ on Sunday night, Gyunka, who represented Nasarawa North in the 8th National Assembly, criticized the governor’s performance during his first term (which runs from 2019 to 2023).

He claimed that Governor Sule had let the people of Nasarawa down, and that the state had become poorer as a result of Sule’s actions.

He expressed regret that some of the State’s indigenous people had been forcibly removed from their homes and given inadequate compensation as a result of the State’s push toward industrialization. He focused on the condition of Akwanga, the governor’s hometown, saying that the governor had done nothing to improve the lives of his people and had instead left them in abject poverty.

The tribunal’s decision, which was essentially handed down on October 2, sustained the petition against Governor Sule, removed him from office, and recognized David Ombugadu of the PDP as the legitimate victor of the March 18 election.

Since then, Governor Sule has filed an appeal with the appeal court, disputing the ruling on 27 grounds. He argues that the tribunal made an error in its judgment and asks the appeals court to uphold the INEC’s declaration of his election.

Initially, INEC had declared Sule the victor with 347,209 votes.

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