The devastating impact of oil bunkering on Nigerias economy—the NDDC Commissioner .uk

The devastating impact of oil bunkering on Nigeria’s economy—the NDDC Commissioner

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According to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), the oil bunkering issue has disastrous negative consequences on Nigeria’s economy, hence the youth of Ndoki and other areas of Abia State are encouraged to avoid it.

This comment was made by Eruba Dimgba, the Commissioner for Abia State in the NDDC, during a Tuesday reception for Ndoki youths in Okeikpe, Ukwa West LGA, Abia.

He condemned oil bunkering operations in the area and encouraged the young people to work with the NDDC to protect their environment so that Abia State could increase its oil production and its share in the NDDC.

He reaffirmed the dedication of the Commission to several endeavors, including the advancement of human capital, the supply of essential infrastructure, and the empowerment of young people.

In addition to helping women and youth, Eruba said that the intervention agency’s mission is to promote long-term growth in the area.

Along with the Ukwa-East roads and solar lighting projects, he announced that the long-abandoned 18.6km Owaza road is currently being built by NDDC. These projects would be included in the national budget for 2024.

In order to boost the Ukwa-East region’s economy, Eruba said that investors won’t come in unless the environment is safe. He also mentioned that the NDDC is working with Geometric Power to guarantee a consistent supply of power.

Emmanuel Akparanta, chairman of the National Youths Council of Nigeria, Ukwa East branch, and youth leader Ugwumba Adiele welcomed Eruba’s reappointment as NDDC commissioner earlier in their remarks.

Additionally, they praised him for helping to rebuild the sections of the Obehie-Azumini road that had collapsed.

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Recognizing that oil bunkering impedes development in their area, they pledged to work with NDDC to reduce it.

They further pleaded with NDDC for scholarship opportunities, company backing, and job openings, claiming that these measures would alleviate youth unrest.

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