The Egbin Power Plant Shuts Down Causing a Blackout in Parts of Nigeria .uk

The Egbin Power Plant Shuts Down, Causing a Blackout in Parts of Nigeria

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After the Transmission Company of Nigeria shut down Egbin Power Station for repair, various areas of Nigeria experienced electricity blackouts.

The TCN announced the closure on Monday through its Official X account, explaining that it is necessary to repair a gas pipeline that has been leaking.

The corporation has said that for the next 72 hours, the nation’s grid will get 676 MW less bulk power from the Egbin Power Station due to its shutdown.

The Egbin Power generating plant was shut down at 11:13 hours on December 18, 2023, so that the Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) could repair a gas pipeline that supplies gas. This is to notify the public.

“In three days, starting today (Monday), the station will be closed.

“In the next three days, the nation’s grid will receive 676 MW less bulk power, which will reduce the amount of power that distribution companies can send to their load centers,” states the TCN statement.

With 1,320 MW of installed capacity on the country’s national grid, the Egbin Power Plant in Lagos is the largest thermal generating facility in Nigeria.

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