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The government of Enugu has reiterated its prohibition on motorbikes in the city proper, and has threatened to arrest violators

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The government of Enugu State has confirmed once again that the ban on okadas (motorcycles) in the state capital is still in effect.

It declared that it has already formed a squad to apprehend lawbreakers and bring them to justice.

According to Hon. Emeka Ajogwu, Commissioner for Special Duties, the government is concerned about the growing uproar from members of the public on the indiscriminate usage of motorbikes in the city, thus they have decided to take action.

On Thursday, Ajogwu issued a statement signed by the Commissioner reminding the public that the law is still very much in effect and that those who violate it risk one year in prison and the forfeiture of their motorcycles.

“The State Government has noted with serious concern the increasing and random usage of motorcycles by some criminals in the state capital despite there being an existing statute barring such use.

“Our office has received numerous calls from concerned citizens who say they feel unsafe on the streets of Enugu metropolis because of the careless manner in which these offenders use their motorcycles.

“From this point forward, all such criminal activity must end, since lawbreakers will be punished in accordance with the law as it currently stands. The government has formed a task force to investigate and prosecute anybody involved in this criminal activity.

“For the avoidance of doubt, sections 3 and 4 of the Operation of Motorcycles (Prohibition) Law, 2012, prohibit the use of motorcycles in all of their forms in the local government areas of Enugu North, Enugu South, and Enugu East, and prescribe the punishment for violators.

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So, rest assured, we won’t be bashful about upholding the law. The statement includes a warning to “members of the public, especially the violators, to desist from the criminal act.”

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