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The government of Ogun has ordered factories to provide protective eyewear to their employees

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The government of Ogun State has mandated that all factories supply their employees with safety goggles.

The state government has reported that there is a significantly greater incidence of blindness among factory workers in the state than there is among the general population.

On Monday, at a press conference honoring World Sight Day 2023, with the theme “Love your eyes at work,” Commissioner of Health Dr. Tomi Coker made these remarks.

Coker argued that manufacturing facilities should ensure the safety of their workplaces by providing protective eyewear to workers.

The factories and businesses we’re addressing have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers by providing protective equipment like goggles.

According to the commissioner, “the number of blind people that we see within the factory workers is far higher – the proportion is far higher among the people working in factories than in the general population.” This is especially true in Ogun State.

To that end, she pleaded with business owners to “please look after the eyes of your employees.”

The commissioner announced that the government has given out 250 free glasses (or “Jigi Dapo”) to the villagers of Abeokuta’s Mechanic village.

According to her, the use of welding fire “causes damage to their eyes” and puts the artists at risk for a variety of eye problems.

In closing, let us not forget that our eyesight is a gift from God and that taking care of them is a wise investment in our future. Let’s begin the process of learning to appreciate our eyes in the workplace and beyond. ‘I Love My Eyes’ is an affirmation I encourage you to make,’ she continued.

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