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The NLC says the rumors that they have begun an extended strike are false

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Despite rumors to the contrary, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has not initiated a countrywide strike of any kind.

After their deadline to the federal government passed on Thursday, the union reportedly began their strike on Friday.

BANKPAWA reported that in response to the government’s refusal to satisfy its demands, organized labor threatened to shut down the country’s economy.

The union has asked the government for measures to ease the financial burden caused by the elimination of the gasoline subsidy.

On September 5 and 6, NLC went on a two-day warning strike during which it gave its employer a 14-day ultimatum.

In spite of the government’s best efforts, the union is certain that it will shut down the economy if its demands are not met.

While employees wait for additional instructions, word spread on Friday that the union had begun an indefinite strike.

Benson Upah, head of NLC’s information and public affairs department, told BANKPAWA, “The report is not true.”

He urged people to ignore the internet rumor.

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