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The number of persons who died in Rivers via electrocution is unknown

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At the Amaechi-School Road junction in Rumuomasi, on the East-West Road in the Obio-Akpor local government area of Rivers State, an unknown number of persons have been electrocuted to death.

There were at least five fatalities reported, with some sources claiming as many as six people were electrocuted.

It was also stated that several of the victims of the electrocution had suffered injuries of varying severity.

When the iron from the church billboard made contact with the high-tension pole, it killed both men, an eyewitness informed BANKPAWA

While some victims were pronounced dead at the scene, the eyewitness reported that others had to be transported to a hospital before their deaths could be officially confirmed.

The event has been confirmed by the Rivers State Police Command, who also stated that an investigation is currently underway.

The Rivers State Signage and Advertising Agency has stated for the time being that it was unaware of the billboard’s planned installation.

RISAA has reaffirmed its dedication to maintaining high standards in the distribution of outdoor advertising space across the state.

Okechukwu Edenkwo, RISAA’s Head of Mobile Advertising, told BANKPAWA that the agency will not lower its standards or professionalism under any circumstances.

People erecting signs and buildings without first obtaining permission from the agency is frowned upon.

What led up to yesterday’s events is completely beyond our understanding.

“They never even bothered to submit an application to the agency, let alone receive clearance.”

Edenkwo also conveyed the agency’s deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the Monday electrocution victims.

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