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The solution to Nigeria’s food shortage is revealed by Peter Obi

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Former Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has called on the Federal Government to invest extensively in agriculture to solve the country’s food shortage.

In a message released on Monday for 2023 World Food Day, the former governor of Anambra made the claim.

Obi stated that the nation’s food crisis might be solved if the Federal Government allowed farmers to make use of the rich soil in the north.

According to him, if the land were put to good use, it could provide for everyone’s needs, including exports.

Obi complained that the chaos caused by non-state entities is harming food production in many communities across Nigeria.

As a result, the vast majority of Nigerians spend all of their discretionary cash on food, which is often not enough, according to his remark.

Food production and food supplies have been hampered by the recent wave of horrific attacks on farmers in Nigeria by armed and terror organizations, threatening to plunge the country even further into a catastrophic famine crisis. The food crisis in Nigeria is exacerbated by the country’s inadequate investment in agriculture.

I’ve long argued that putting the North’s massive arable land to productive agricultural use would create more income for the country than it gets from oil and provide enough food for both local consumption and exports to meet demand. To guarantee adequate food production for Nigeria and the rest of the globe, the government must make significant investments in agriculture.

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