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The Tinubu administration took over a dying economy. This is Soludo

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Anambra State Governor Chukwuma Soludo said that President Bola Tinubu took over a “dead horse but standing” economy.

Soludo expressed sympathy and condolences for Tinubu’s economic team.

The governor made his remarks on the Channels Television program Sunrise Daily in response to President Tinubu’s stance on allocating 90% of national revenue toward servicing external debt.

“This government inherited, from a macroeconomic standpoint, I would say the economy was like a dead horse but standing,” Soludo said. “Modeling through this over the coming months will be bumpy, no question.”

He went on to applaud Tinubu’s bold action in eliminating the petrol subsidy, which he called a “reprehensible scam,” and in dealing with the currency exchange rate.

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