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The United Nations has warned of impending danger as Gaza’s gasoline supply runs out in three days

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On Sunday, UNRWA Director-General Philippe Lazzarini warned that the agency’s gasoline will run out in three days, threatening humanitarian aid in Gaza.

“There will be no running water, no working bakeries, and no hospitals if we run out of gasoline. Fuel is essential to getting aid to those who need it. Humanitarian aid cannot be provided if there is no electricity.

‘No gasoline will further strangle the children, women, and people of Gaza,’ he warned in a statement.

The Gaza Strip is home to almost two million people, making UNRWA the main humanitarian organization there.

Over half a million people have sought refuge in its buildings since the latest round of fighting broke out on October 7.

“Without fuel, we will fail the people of Gaza whose needs are growing by the hour, under our watch,” Lazzarini said. “This cannot and should not happen.”

He pleaded with all relevant parties and those in a position to exert influence on them to immediately allow gasoline shipments into Gaza and to strictly use them for humanitarian purposes.

Lazzarini stated that while he was glad to see the first humanitarian convoy enter Gaza on Saturday, it was “far from enough” and that ongoing aid was necessary.

On Sunday, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) released its most recent situation report, which included the shocking news that 13 additional UNRWA employees had been killed since the fighting began, bringing the total number of fatalities to 29.

UNRWA said that half of the people slain were educators in a tweet published on X (previously Twitter).

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Twelve refugees who had sought refuge in UNRWA classrooms were killed, and almost 180 were injured, according to the report.

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