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Through our efforts, the number of accidents on Bauchi’s roads has decreased; FRSC

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According to Mr. Patrick Ikaba, Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Bauchi State Command, the number of traffic accidents decreased in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.

On Thursday, he told BANKPAWA at his office that the command’s new policies had resulted in a decrease in the number of traffic accidents across the State.

He further, saying that the command has documented 91 traffic accidents in Q1 2023, including 29 fatalities, 61 injuries, and one non-fatal incident.

The second quarter of 2023 saw a total of 68 traffic accidents, 22 of which resulted in fatalities, 45 in serious injuries, and 1 in a minor degree.

Given these numbers, I think you’ll agree with me that accidents on our state’s roads have decreased significantly.

However, the Sector Commander underlined the importance of installing Speed Limiting Devices on commercial vehicles in order to prevent overspeeding, the leading cause of road accidents.

“We’ll collaborate with our sister agencies in this regard to put pressure on this policy with a view to saving the lives and property of our citizens,” he added.

Any business vehicle caught on the road without a passenger manifest will be fined, the Commander stated on the passenger manifest.

To paraphrase his words: “Commercial drivers are hereby warned to desist from flying the roads without manifest as the command would not leave any stone unturned in punishing offenders,”

He urged drivers everywhere to always follow the rules of the road so that more lives could be spared.

He warned parents that the law would not take leniency with any youngster arrested for driving while underage and urged them to stop the practice.

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