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Tinubu’s alleged certificate error lends credence to my findings, says Atiku

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Atiku Abubakar, the PDP nominee for president in the 2023 election, has said that the alleged mistakes he found in President Bola Tinubu’s certificate prove his investigation was correct.

According to the BANKPAWA, Tinubu’s attorneys admitted on Wednesday that the President’s academic certificate presented to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) contained errors and laid the blame for doing so on the clerk of the Chicago State University (CSU). Atiku had petitioned the federal court in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The ex-vice president claimed in a statement released on Saturday that Tinubu’s academic records from the university showed “disturbing discrepancies and circumstantial fallacies,” based on documents given by his lawyers in the United States and Nigeria.

For example, one document is a certified true copy of the certificate that Tinubu submitted to INEC on June 17, 2022; according to Atiku’s attorneys, “this, purportedly, is the certificate issued to him by Chicago State University (“CSU”) showing that he attended the school, and evidencing the degree he was awarded.

A copy of a letter from Mr. Caleb Westberg, the Registrar of CSU, dated September 22, 2022, with an attached copy of the certificate issued to Bola Tinubu in appreciation of the degree he was awarded by the institution, is also included in the packet.

A copy of the certificate Mr. Westberg sent in response to the subpoena issued to CSU on Bola Tinubu’s academic credentials and achievements is also attached to the aforementioned document.

A biography of Dr. Niva Lubin-Johnson is also included. From January 2001 until December 2002, Dr. Lubin-Johnson presided over CSU’s Board of Trustees.

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Included as well is a duplicate of Dr. Elnora D. Daniel’s biography. From 1998 to 2008, Dr. Daniel served as CSU’s president.

While all of these documents are related in some way to Tinubu’s credentials as a graduate of Chicago State University, they diverge in important particulars.

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