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To those calling for Ahmad Gumi’s arrest, he responded, “I won’t reply idiots in democracy.”

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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, a controversial Islamic scholar, says he has no intention of responding to those clamoring for his arrest due to his recent comments against the Christian faithful.

According to a report by BANKPAWA, Gumi once called Nyesom Wike, minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), a “satanic person” in a sermon.

Gumi asserted that Muslims would suffer if the FCT and Israel worked together.

He also warned against putting Nigeria’s national security in the hands of Southern Christians.

His remarks sparked outrage, with several people demanding his arrest for smearing the reputation of Nigerian Christians.

Gumi should be jailed for his remark, as said by Ohanaeze Ndigbo, who labeled the priest a “well-known associate of bandits.”

When asked by BANKPAWA for comment on the calls for his arrest, Gumi merely stated, “I should not have reply for idiots in a democracy.”

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