Most Popular Student Cities in Canada

Top 7 Most Popular Student Cities in Canada

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Interested in studying in Canada but still trying to figure out where to live? It’s no longer a cause for concern. You will learn everything there is to know about the most popular student cities in Canada from this post.
One of the most well-known nations in the world is Canada. It is praised for the high caliber of education it provides students and its natural beauty. Numerous individuals relocate to Canada yearly to attend one of the country’s top colleges and receive an outstanding education. Many of us ask which city in Canada would be the most well-liked among students.
Living abroad is challenging. It can be very challenging to adapt to a new environment. However, everything can become straightforward and uncomplicated with the correct information and understanding. Canadian cities are suitable for their way of life and more, so they can choose their careers wisely. To find out Most Popular Student Cities in Canada, pay attention as you go through this article.

Top 7 Most Popular Student Cities in Canada

Most Popular Student Cities in Canada


Below are the lists of the most popular students cities in Canda

  • Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa serves as Canada’s capital. The quality of life is influenced by a wide range of factors, such as safety and security, health, transportation, consumer goods, and educational opportunities.
In Ottawa, real estate costs have risen sharply in recent years. The cost of living is highly inexpensive in Ottawa compared to the bigger Canadian cities.

  • Edmonton

International university students in Edmonton live affluent lifestyles at reasonable costs. Consequently, this is among Canada’s top locations for higher education. Students can live a culturally diverse existence in Edmonton.

  • Victoria

Victoria is the second-most populated city in British Columbia. Victoria, which is situated on the southernmost point of Vancouver Island, serves as the provincial capital of British Columbia. Victoria is the perfect city for any low-key outdoor enthusiast because of its relaxed pace, charm, and distinctive geography.
British Columbia is a perfect province for you if you enjoy a mild winter. British Columbia’s coastline areas see some of the mildest winters in the country, with few days below freezing. The interior and central parts of British Columbia often experience hotter summers and colder, snowier winters than the coast.
The economy of British Columbia is varied and heavily based on services. Agriculture, construction, film and television, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, high technology, manufacturing, mining, and tourism are important businesses in British Columbia.

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  • Montreal

Montreal is a popular choice for students planning to pursue higher education in Canada due to the abundance of prestigious universities there. The city ranked #9 in the QS World Rankings and placed second in the “student view rank list.” These statistics demonstrate why it is one of Canada’s top cities. It makes sense why more and more students are studying in Montreal.
Montreal is now regarded as the best Canadian city to live and work in, despite not being the cheapest alternative. This city offers a high quality of life and the fusion of diverse cultures.


  • Toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is regarded as one of the top cities in Canada. The city is a magnet for students and is where many renowned Canadian institutions and universities are.
With nearly 50% of the population living in minority communities, it has a very diversified culture. Toronto, ranked 13th globally by QS, invites students from around the world. This city’s residents can speak more than 160 languages! For you, it might be the best Canadian city to live and work in.


  • Vancouver

With its magnificent surroundings and tranquil lifestyle, Vancouver is the next city on the list of top Canadian cities. It has the 18th place in the QS global ranking and is situated on the west coast of the province of British Columbia. It has also been named one of the cities in the world with the highest standard of living.
Tech behemoths, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are based in Vancouver. The two most common languages are English and French. International students will find it simpler to interact with citizens and get employment as a result!

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  • Quebec

The finest city in Canada for students is believed to be in the French-speaking province of Quebec. It is well known for its historic buildings and European atmosphere.
The second-largest cosmopolitan metropolis in Canada, Quebec is home to a sizable minority population.
Quebec has the lowest unemployment rate of any Canadian city. Due to the extensive bus and ferry network this city offers, we strongly advise using public transportation. According to students, Quebec has an excellent education system and is a financially viable city. In the QS world rankings, it is ranked 113.

Benefits of Studying in Canada’s Top Cities

  • Any top city in Canada to study can be summed up by the standard of living it provides for its international students. Benefits of studying in one of the top cities include • A helpful student community to look out for in difficult times.
  •  All of Canada’s top universities provide their students with a well-organized way of life, whether it’s by offering student discounts or supplying them with subsidized public transportation.
  • The finest Canadian cities for studying and working are Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ontario, providing international students with part-time employment options. Living in the cities most international students favor is thus an additional benefit.



Canada offers degrees from prestigious schools and universities that are recognized worldwide. You can select several cities if you are an international student who wants to live and work in Canada.


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1. Which Canadian city is the finest for studying?

According to the most recent QS rankings, the top Canadian city for studying in Montreal. Additionally, university graduates have chosen Montreal as the finest city for learning and living.

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2. Which Canadian city offers the most job chances after college graduation?

The most significant number of career options and highest hourly pay are reportedly found in Quebec.

3. How much does it cost to live in Toronto as a student?

A single student’s monthly living expenses, which include rent for an apartment, food, and transportation, come to about CAD 2200. You can choose more affordable solutions by dividing an apartment and buying a bus pass.





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