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Troops from Cameroon drive pro-Biafra insurgents out of Bakassi

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Abana town, formerly the capital of Bakassi Peninsula, has apparently been cleared of members of the pro-Biafra separatist militia Black Marine by Cameroonian soldiers.

It was reported that this happened early on a Sunday.

Apparently Abana was retaken from the pro-Biafra rebels by Cameroon’s Rapid d’intervention Battalions (BIR), as reported by locals.

According to reports, the Cameroonian government has sent additional troops to the Isangele district. Oil company housing has apparently been included in the area ringed by military.

The soldiers and the rebels reportedly exchanged fire at some point in the past in Abana.

According to reports, a man named Henry Edet, an operational coordinator for the Biafra National League (BNL), urged the Black Marine to withdraw from Abana. Some believe that Black Marine is a BNL offshoot.

A few days ago, BIR troops targeted Black Marine militants in the Ine Mba forest in the Idabato region of the Bakassi Peninsula with airstrikes.

Troops from the Joint Border Forces of Nigeria and Cameroon reportedly battled with the insurgent group near the Gulf of Guinea.

Two helicopters, according to witnesses, dropped bombs on the region, obliterating the militants’ bases.

However, according to the witnesses, no one was hurt in the scuffle.

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