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Twenty students studying health technology in Cross River were evicted from their dorms

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Calabar police have been informed that over twenty female students from the Cross River State College of Health Technology have been evicted from campus housing.

Female college students between the ages of 18 and 25 make up the vast majority of those impacted.

It was said that the incident occurred early on Friday morning.

The majority of pupils whose families do not live in Calabar are now homeless, according to information obtained by DAILY POST.

People in the neighborhood and on the school grounds reported seeing several kids carrying their possessions, crying, and asking for money to help them get back to their homes in more rural parts of the State.

Several of the evicted students claimed they were taken by surprise because they did not have any outstanding debts with the university.

Linda Odey and Grace Brown, both in their twenties, were two of the students who spoke up and said they each pay a total of N25,000 at the start of each semester.

The hostel charges an annual fee of N25,000, and this price covers all other fees.

Grace explained that her group of four had paid a total of N100,000 for a four-bed accommodation, or N25,000 per person.

Linda claims that the students had been cooperative up to the return of one Pastor Mike to his position as head of students’ affairs because many of them owe no money to the hostel’s administration.

When Pastor Mike made the initial change, the students produced their receipts, but the pastor argued that he wanted to start his tenure with a clean slate, as another affected student described.

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Grace cried, “The man used the opportunity of our absence in the school hostel to force open our rooms and throw out our belongings, which littered the school premises, when we were posted to different health related government offices to enable us to do our practical training.”

Jane Adah, provost of Cross River College of Technology, responded by denying reports that students were expelled from campus dorms by force.

She explained that the students had been given permission to leave since renovations to the dorms were scheduled.

She further claimed that students were not paying the required N15,000 hostel fee and that some of those funds were never deposited into the College’s account due to the alleged dishonesty of hostel administration.

It’s not true that we kicked our students out of dorms and left them homeless.

Hostel infrastructure was severely damaged. And it was very necessary that leadership address them.

We informed the kids that beginning on August 31 there would be a three-week period of maintenance and renovations.

The new head of student affairs is a clergyman who has been urged to put things right.

“There have been some fraudulent collections of hostel fees and other expenses, like as for toiletries, etc., which brought the sum to N20,000 and this often ended up in certain persons’ pockets.

Again, we saw that many of these students would sneak in more guests to the dorms and boarding houses.

As she said, “we also discovered that these students stay beyond their durations in the school due to the connivance of some officials.”

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