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Udiroko: Senator Bamidele calls for government funding of Nigeria’s cultural institutions

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Senate Majority Leader Opeyemi Bamidele has urged federal and state governments to work together to develop the country’s huge and rich cultural potentials for economic growth.

According to Bamidele, the government’s efforts to diversify the economy by fostering the growth of the arts, culture, and tourism can provide viable alternatives to the country’s reliance on oil and gas.

The federal legislator stated that the Ado Ekiti people’s Udiroko cultural festival should be recognized on a national level since it is a symbol of unity and a celebration of the people’s colorful culture and precious legacy.

On the other hand, HRM Oba Rufus Adeyemo Adejugbe(Aladesanmi III), Ewi of Ado Ekiti, was congratulated by the Senator for Ekiti Central Senatorial District on the upcoming celebration of the 2023 Udiroko festival on Sunday, August 27.

Sen. Bamidele warned that if the industry is not given the proper attention it needs, the country will continue to lose large amounts of its potential resources.

“Nigeria’s 250+ ethnic nations share a wealth of culture and tradition that is mostly untapped due to a lack of investment and the wrong economic focus.

With the correct investment and engagement with the private sector, “the time has come for the federal government under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to initiate a strong relationship with the 36 states of the federation to fully tap the potentials.”

Bamidele lauded the kingdom of Ado Ekiti for its great appreciation for culture and tradition despite its status as a metropolis and the capital city of Ekiti State, where the annual Udiroko festival is held.

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Therefore, the Senate Majority Leader found it reassuring to hear that the cultural festival had been kept alive for several centuries to honor the people’s heritage and customs.

Let me start by congratulating Oba Adeyemo Adejugbe, our royal father and the personification of culture and tradition, on elevating our annual festival to national prominence via his own personal sacrifices, vision, and collaboration with the business sector.

I implore the citizens of Ado Metropolis to join me in upholding the spirit of the festival, which aimed to foster cohesion, progress, and patriotism among natives of Ado Ekiti.

I implore Ekiti’s security forces to provide watertight protection for the revelers, visitors, and investors who would be in the state for the festival.

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