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We’ll start awarding visas to foreigners based on the idea of reciprocity. – FG

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Olabunmi Tunji-Ojo, Nigeria’s Minister of the Interior, has announced that the government will begin awarding visas to visitors based on the concept of reciprocity.

The minister stated that if Nigerians are required to pay $100 for a visa, then visitors from other countries will be required to pay the same fee.

According to Olabunmi Tunji-Ojo, who made the announcement on Thursday at the Business Day Conference headlined “Nigeria Forward: Catalysing Funding for High Impact Social Projects,” the policy entails treating foreigners the same way that Nigerians are treated by other countries.

He stressed that the days of discrimination against Nigerians by other nations in terms of visa issuance were ended, and that the current administration would instead use the principle of give and take.

The minister elaborated on his notion of reciprocity during a keynote address titled “Ministry of Interior Potential High Impact Social Projects,” adding, “Any country that does not give me the visa on arrival cannot have a visa on arrival in Nigeria.” I’m sorry that this is the case, but it is. We’re not a garbage dump, and if you claim to have value, others will recognize it.

He recalled telling the head of Turkey’s Centre for Illegal Migration that he expected the same treatment in terms of entry and exit procedures.

To further ensure safety, he added, the administration wants to implement stricter surveillance procedures at the country’s borders.

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