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We’re going to focus on expanding suburban areas – FCT Minister Wike

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Mr. Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, has pledged that the FCT Administration will prioritize the growth of satellite towns.

Wike made this announcement on Tuesday in Abuja during the installation of the FCT Administration’s Mandate Secretaries.

He emphasized the need of ensuring that all parts of the FCT enjoy progress and development, saying that the prosperity and well-being of the population are not limited to the city center.

Mr. Bitrus Garki, of the Area Council Services Secretariat, Mr. Lawan Geidam, of the Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat, and Mr. Danlami Ihayyo, of the Education Secretariat, have all been sworn in as Secretaries of their respective Mandates.

Secretaries Adedolapo Fasawe (Health and Environment Services), Salman Dako (Legal Services), and Chinedum Elechi (Economic Planning, Revenue Generation, and Public Private Partnership) round up the group.

Mr. Uboku Nyah was also sworn in as the Transportation Secretariat’s new Secretary.

Wike urged them to fix the problems plaguing the FCT Administration’s procurement system, which are impacting the delivery of services.

He argued that “transparency, efficiency, and accountability” should form the basis of the government.

Your part in this change is crucial as mandated secretaries. You guys aren’t just consultants; you’re also the ones leading the charge and enforcing our policies.

You are responsible for making sure that our goals for the FCT’s future are implemented.

“Our President has charged us with the herculean task of transforming the FCT into a first-rate metropolis.

To do so, we need to focus on a few core issues that are crucial to the development of our city and the prosperity of its citizens.

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He elaborated that one component of the mission is to increase IGR by finding new and creative ways to bring in money to fund the development agenda.

According to him, this is very necessary for funding significant endeavors.

The minister singled out public transit as a critical issue that requires intensive attention.

A dependable and extensive public transportation infrastructure is essential to the successful operation of any contemporary metropolis, in his opinion.

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