When Hamas tries to wipe us off, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu promises retaliation

When Hamas tries to wipe us off, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu promises retaliation

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has threatened to destroy the terrorist organization Hamas.

Netanyahu claimed that the government would prevent another massacre of Israelis by Hamas militants.

Netanyahu wrote on X that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) would deploy all its resources to cripple Hamas.

The Prime Minister promised that Israel would punish Hamas and exact revenge for the terrible day.

He added, “Hamas entered Israeli territory and murdered innocent individuals, including children and the elderly, on Shabbat and a holiday. Hamas has begun a bloody and terrible war.

We will win this war at an intolerable cost, but we will win. Today is a tough day for everyone.

Hamas’ goal is to wipe out the human race. This is a foe that kills kids and moms at home, in their beds; one that kidnaps old people and kids and young ladies and murders and massacres our countrymen, including kids who were just trying to have fun on a vacation.

This has never happened in Israel before, and I will make sure it never happens again. This decision has the support of the entire government.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) will instantly employ its full might to crush Hamas’s capabilities. We shall wipe them out and exact brutal vengeance for the terrible day they have brought upon the State of Israel and its people. According to what Bialik claimed, “Satan has yet devised revenge for the blood of a little child.”

We will reduce that evil metropolis to ruins, including all the bases, hideouts, and other facilities used by Hamas.

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I warn the people of Gaza that we will soon be conducting military operations across the territory.

Right now, the IDF is driving the last of the terrorists out of the remaining towns. House by house, neighborhood by neighborhood, they are regaining control for us.

In the words of President Obama: “I embrace and send heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families whose loved ones were murdered today in cold blood and endless brutality.”


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