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Wike and Tinubu, Sunday Igboho threatens Gumi: We won’t allow you to heat up Nigeria

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Sunday Adeyemo, also known by his stage name Igboho, is a Yoruba Nation agitator who has warned Islamic scholar Ahmad Gumi to be careful with his “careless” words and sermons.

Igboho swore he would never stand by and let Gumi stir up Nigeria’s polity with sermons that could spark riots.

According to Gumi, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nyesom Wike should be removed from his position because Christians cannot be trusted with Nigeria’s security.

The controversial Islamic scholar called Wike after the governor met with an Israeli ambassador to discuss Abuja’s security.

Gumi had previously stated that the current administration may not receive a second term since President Bola Tinubu had appointed Southern Christians to crucial positions.

Gumi’s comment was condemned by Igboho, who claimed the Sheikh was trying to renew his negotiation contract with bandits during President Bola Tinubu’s tenure.

This is an excerpt from a statement he signed: “We know Gumi’s pedigree and his shenanigans. The security forces should have been questioning people like him about their roles in the growing insurgency in the country’s north long before Tinubu’s arrival.

While we will keep fighting for a more equitable society, we cannot sit back and watch while Gumi stirs up trouble with his reckless, harmful, and inflammatory preachings. No one, no matter how high or low in rank, has the right to compromise the security of Nigeria, as guaranteed by the Constitution of 1999.

“We are not advocates for the Federal Government, but we remain part of crucial stakeholders in Nigeria’s project, therefore it’s important that we beat sense and decency into the heads of anyone who shows even the slightest signs of religious extremism.

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To paraphrase the statement, “For peace to reign supreme, it is incumbent upon all and sundry to desist from any act that triggers mutual suspicion, distrust, and needless crisis among Nigerians.”

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