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Wike refutes claims that he used the FCT’s $300 million armoured automobile

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Wike Nyesom, minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has disputed reports that he uses a bulletproof car worth N300 million in his official capacity.

Wike reportedly just got his hands on a brand new, N300 million bulletproof Ferrari with the license plate number “FCT 01.”

Wike, in a Wednesday conversation with journalists in Abuja, denied the claims, claiming the automobile he uses in his role as FCT Minister is not armored.

In his previous role as governor of Rivers State, he used a bulletproof car, but in his current role as minister, he does not.

Wike declared, “We can see what is going on social media; how they purchased a bulletproof automobile of N300 million that I’m using. I want everyone to go and check whether or not the car has been treated by hitting their palms on that spot.

In any seriousness, it’s important to be mindful of not causing harm to others.

The Permanent Secretary informed me upon my arrival that they had arranged transportation for us in a car. So, I’ve never given the go-ahead for the purchase of any vehicle, and I don’t drive a bulletproof government vehicle.

“As governor, I have bulletproof cars, but as FCT Minister, I don’t.”

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