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Withdrawal of Police from VIPs was ordered by President Tinubu

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The police high command will carry out President Bola Tinubu’s decision to remove officers from VIP security responsibilities and adopt a community policing policy, according to Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim, Minister of State for police affairs.

On Monday, during a two-day management retreat at the Ministry of Police Affairs, the minister announced the new policy.

The minister said the ministry was committed to aligning its efforts to contribute to the realization of Mr. President’s vision for a renewed, highly effective Nigeria Police Force while acknowledging that the Nigeria Police Force and the Ministry of Police Affairs were at a critical juncture and currently struggling with the consequences of decades of neglect that have hindered their ability to fulfill their constitutional mandate.

“The Police Inspectorate Department, in particular, should modernize its operations to focus on strong monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning. Police performance can greatly benefit from reports that are factual, useful, and backed up by evidence. It should lead the charge to revise police academy curricula to reflect the modernization of law enforcement and the incorporation of international best practices.

To meet the challenges of its many roles, the Police Service Department must prioritize administrative efficiency, establish and maintain effective regulations and procedures for law enforcement, and encourage the use of innovative technologies. It should be in the vanguard of initiatives to develop a Nigerian police force that is intelligence-led, technology-driven, inclusive, and community-based.

To better inform policymaking, the Department of Planning, Research, and Statistics has to establish itself as a central repository of information through the dissemination of archival materials and the pursuit of novel lines of inquiry. This division will play a crucial role in establishing evidence-based policies for the Nigerian Police Force by fostering connections with prestigious research institutes and keeping up with worldwide trends.

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Among our many responsibilities are the creation and implementation of a harmonized police reform report, revisions to the Police Act, carrying out the President’s order to remove police officers from VIP protection tasks, and the formulation of a community policing strategy. These assignments are more than just chores; they are opportunities to improve Nigeria’s internal security.

Meanwhile, in June, The Punch reported that Inspector General of Police Olukayode Egbetokun had revealed plans to withdraw Police Mobile Force soldiers from VIP escort/guard duty following the establishment of the 40,000-man Special Intervention Squad.

Egbetokun, who spoke at a meeting with squadron leaders and tactical commanders at the Force Headquarters, said the development aimed to allow the police to take back its place in the ‘internal security architecture’ of the country.

However, while clarifying the misunderstanding in regards to the IG’s directive concerning the proposed withdrawal of the Police Mobile Force from specialized escort and services for VIPs last Wednesday, the Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, noted that the NPF did not intend to strip VIPs (who are legally and statutorily entitled to police escorts) of their security details, noting that doing so would be unsafe and counterproductive.

It was his words:

It has come to our attention that IGP Olukayode Egbetokun’s instruction to remove personnel of the Police Mobile Force Unit from Specialized Escort and Services for VIPs has been misunderstood. Clarifications are essential in order to address this.

“First and foremost, let us be clear: the Force never intended to revoke the police protection afforded to VIPs who are entitled to such protection under law and statute. This is not a wise course of action. The goal now is to transfer the demobilized PMF troops to the newly formed Special Intervention Squad.

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The Special Protection Unit and other parts of the force will still provide specialized police escorts for people who need them.

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