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Workers at UNIOSUN interrupt an audit of the staff’s fitness routine and accuse a consultant of assaulting them

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On Friday, UNIOSUN employees interfered with a state-sponsored audit and verification of university personnel.

The UNIOSUN employees have claimed that the consultant molested one of them.

According to information obtained by BANKPAWA, this is the second time the State-organized verification exercise has been disrupted.

The first incident occurred when the state judiciary personnel became disruptive after the consultant was accused of verbal assault.

The consultant, Sa’adat Bakrin-Ottun, was accused of calling a Professor a “bastard” by Dr. Damilare Adekomi, the Secretary of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, UNIOSUN chapter.

During the duration of the exercise, Adekomi claims Bakrin-Ottun verbally and physically harassed and degraded members of the university’s personnel.

Members of staff were verbally abused, threatened, and put down. Nothing like that should happen. Osun State University employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

A consultant calling a professor a bastard is inexplicable. That’s the pinnacle of it all. I’m not allowed to call my learner a bastard. Professional status? This morning, the university’s non-academic workforce was subjected to a series of humiliations. The same held true up until the second she left us.

That’s not how it works. Each person has inalienable rights that must be safeguarded. This will not be tolerated by ASUU UNIOSUN. Because we value our academic institution so highly, everyone has made the effort to attend today’s verification session. Someone on staff had their phone taken away and held for hours until someone finally begged for its return.

I have no idea why her phone was confiscated. The armed security guards were physically shoving people. This is obviously wrong. She abruptly left us and didn’t look back. “She just left in her car,” he said.

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Bakrin-Ottun said in response that the accusations were completely false.

I have been unfairly criticized. Instead of responding when a member of the university staff called me a bastard, I got in my car and drove away.

To say I was taken aback by the purported fight would be an understatement. Since we arrived at the university at 9 a.m., it has been non-stop trouble after trouble. When a member of the university faculty and an Osun Joint Task Force security officer had a disagreement, I helped to resolve the situation. I gave the phone to a union member after it was taken from me.

I was leaving with the Deputy VC when they flat-out refused to cooperate with the procedure; apparently, these individuals have been sabotaging the entire drill since morning.

I was taken aback when one of them referred to me as a bastard, so I asked, “You called me a bastard?” I reversed course and got back into my vehicle. “I was the one who was insulted and also maligned, but that’s fine with me because I know all those allegations are complete fabrications,” she stated.

The operation had to be restarted and more employees ultimately got certified after an intervention from UNIOSUN Vice Chancellor Professor Clement Adebooye.

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