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Youth unrest and criminal activity are results of decay in the educational system. Gov. Kefas

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The deterioration of the educational system is to blame for young unrest, according to Taraba State Governor Agbu Kefas.

He made the remarks on Tuesday in Jalingo, the state capital, during a broader discussion with the leaders of higher education institutions around the state.

He promised that his government would prioritize school financing with the money it would borrow.

The governor also gave his blessing to pay public university employees their back salary.

School administrators were reassured by his promise of consistent meetings with them, during which he would be readily available to address their concerns.

The loan his government has just acquired would be used to fund programs to increase openness and accountability, he added.

Kefas, noting the meeting’s urgency given the impending return to class, emphasized the importance of the tertiary institution presidents’ backing the policy of free higher education.

The school administrators assured him they would work with him to keep education costs down for all residents of the state.

Everyone from the Rector of the College of Education to the Deans of the Colleges of Agriculture, Nursing, and Midwifery, and Health and Technology at Takum State University were there.

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